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A valuable tool for valuable benefits

Total Rewards Statements (TRS) are one of the best, and easiest, ways to help your employees see the real value of their total benefits package, not just their salary. Normally produced annually, they’re available to view online all year round, and can be easily updated as and when benefits change.

In a simple, visual way, the statements break down each part of their package - from basic salary to things like employer pension contributions, employee share plans, company car or allowance, bonuses and insurance, to show them exactly what each one is worth to them.

Valuable to you

  • Simple way to increase engagement – your employees get a truer picture of their package, and so feel more valued
  • Can be easily adapted to reflect new or changing benefits
  • Can be timed to help you communicate and promote changes in employee packages

Valuable to your employees

  • An easy, understandable way to see the breakdown, and true value, of their package
  • Can be viewed online any time, at work or from home