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Valuable all round

The number of people renting has grown considerably over the last few years. Around 3.8 million homes (16.5% of households in England) are rented* - and many tenants have to borrow money to cover rising rents and rental deposits.

Our rental loan scheme is a great way to help your staff with their home rental deposits, and reduce the financial strain. You can offer your staff an interest-free loan repaid over 12 months - it’s simply deducted from their net salary.

*DCLG, March 2015.

Valuable to you

  • Tailored to you – choose how much you want to offer your staff and over how long
  • Positive impact on staff - help them manage their finances and avoid high risk debt
  • It’s all managed online and we do all the admin for you (once the loan is approved)
  • It can help you attract and retain the best staff - they won’t be put off by the cost of renting in your area
  • Your staff will feel valued, keeping them loyal and engaged

Valuable to your employees

  • Access to interest-free loan with payments spread over 12 months, reducing financial strain
  • They won’t have to go through credit checks
  • Won’t incur the high risk debt often associated with borrowing to fund the deposit
  • Help them find a property they really like
  • Lets them use savings for other essentials when moving home

Important note From a tax perspective employees are allowed to borrow up to £10,000 tax-free from their employer in a single tax year. Additional borrowing over the £10,000 threshold will be taxable. Additional loans may include travel loans and study loans.