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Valuable all round

As part of supporting flexible working policies, a lot of companies have introduced the popular holiday trading as a benefit for their employees. In a nutshell, your employees can either buy, or sell, holiday days to suit their lifestyle, giving them choice and control over their work/life balance.

It’s a great way to make your employees feel valued and save money on your salary bill.

Valuable to you

  • With holiday 'buy' you’ll save money in salary costs and Employer’s NI contributions (usually 13.8%)
  • You can choose how the scheme works for you and set your own rules
  • You can restrict the scheme to just buying or just selling, or offer both
  • Your employees will appreciate you offering this popular benefit

Valuable to your employees

  • They get the choice of taking more time off work or bringing home more money
  • The money for buying holiday is taken from their gross salary, so they’ll save on tax and NI
  • They can pay for the extra days over 12 months to spread the cost