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Valuable all round

No one knows what’s round the corner where our health is concerned. A health cash plan helps your employees to budget for their essential, everyday health costs such as covers dental check-ups and treatment, eyesight tests, new glasses, contact lenses, and therapy treatments like physiotherapy and osteopathy.

You can offer this in a number of ways:

  • Direct Debit - the employee pays for the plan directly from their bank account
  • Payroll Deduction - the employees pays for the plan from their salary
  • Corporate - you pay to cover your employees

Valuable to you

  • Shows your employees you're committed to their good health
  • Forms part of your health and wellbeing strategy

Valuable to your employees

  • Open to all employees over the age of 16
  • No medical is required to join the plan
  • Personal and family cover is available, children are covered until their 18th birthday
  • Health cash plan can be used regularly, meaning employees really feel the value