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Setting up an employee benefits platform with us is really simple

Your relationship manager will talk through your objectives with you, discuss how you’d like your employee benefits to work, and help you plan the best way to communicate it to your employees to maximise employee engagement.

They’ll work with you to design and implement your secure, simple Salary Extras platform (and support you throughout). We’ll set up the platform so that it’s branded to your company (if that’s what you’d like). It’s built module by module, so you can choose to add other employee benefits at the same time (even if they’re not from us) or at any point in the future. You’ll also get your own administration login giving you real time access to applications and the ability to approve applications for the schemes that need it.

You can decide when you’d like each of your schemes to go live and whether you’d like your employees to be able to sign up all year round, or have a series of windows open throughout the year.

Your employees sign up online, and we’ll take care of all the paperwork for you as well as giving you all the marketing materials you need. Our Helpdesk Support team will also be on hand to answer any questions your employees might have.