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A valuable tool for valuable benefits

Are your employees engaged? If you’re offering great benefits, you need the tools to get the message out.

That’s where our communications tool comes in. You can use it to let your employees know about the benefits you offer, that they’ll love. It has everything they need in one place, and they can access it from work or home.

You can set it up to have as many sections, with as much content, as you want – and it can be added to or amended at any time:

  • Calendar
  • Message Centre – for all employee communications
  • Recognition tool
  • Document Centre - for storing company information
  • Optional - Share Price – for companies with Employee Share plans
  • Optional - Link to company social media pages

You can choose to run all your comms - from HR policies to training packages - straight from the platform. It also allows you to see whether they’ve been read or not.

From induction packages to employment terms and conditions, and even refresher training, your bespoke communications module – designed by you – will send a message to your employees to let them know there’s something to be read, and tell you when it’s done. It can even send you reminders when it’s time to add something in. And to make it even easier for your employees to use, their login details let them get to the module at work, or from home.

Valuable to you

  • Designed by and tailored for you
  • Holds as much content, in as many sections, as you want
  • Sends a message to your employees when there’s new content
  • Lets you know what’s been read and when
  • Reminds you when it’s time to change something

Valuable to your employees

  • Has everything they need in one place
  • Lets them know when there’s something to read
  • Can be accessed from work or home