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Valuable all round

Our three-tier discount scheme is a great way to widen the benefits you give to your employees and bring them offers and savings that really count. With zero admin and very low cost for you, your employees simply use the scheme’s exclusive online platform to make their own online or in-store savings on shopping and cinema, car rental and travel, utilities, electronics and more.

Depending on the type and range of discounts you’d like to offer, you can go for one of three tiers:


Our straightforward package, it’s the lowest cost to run while still giving you a broad range of discounts that you can mix and match for your employees.

Corporate Perks

Our midrange package, your employees get all the benefits of Lifestyle, but from a broader range of the UK’s largest retailers, with WOWPoints and ShopGenie included. They can also pass their discounts on to up to two friends and family.

Corporate Edition

Our premium package, this offers your employees double discounts, ShopGenie for personalised recommendations, WOWPoints and the option of passing savings on to up to 10 friends and family. You can brand the platform, add a rewards and recognition module and get a detailed and valuable MI platform.

Please note: Corporate Perks and Corporate Edition are provided by Next Jump. Lifestyle is fully integrated on the Salary Extras platform.

Valuable to you

  • Very low cost to offer
  • Zero admin, as all managed by your employees through the platform
  • Funded by your employees not you
  • Offer it to employees who are close to minimum wage and can’t do salary sacrifice
  • Tailor the level you offer to your different employees

Valuable to your employees

  • A benefit they can enjoy if they’re not eligible for salary sacrifice
  • Can create a shopper profile to get offers based on the things they really want
  • Easy to manage/view their offers online
  • A mix of discount codes and pre-loaded discount cards
  • Savings of up to 20% at selected retailers
  • Can use/earn WOWPoints*
  • Frequently changing offers to give them the best and latest deals
  • Can pass offers on to friends and family*

* Corporate Edition and Corporate Perks only