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Valuable all round

With technology such an essential part of everyday life, it's well worth offering a scheme that gives your employees the chance to own the latest one in an affordable way.

This is a very simple, straightforward loan scheme. You pick the maximum value an employee can borrow (the minimum value is £100), and choose the length of repayment (though 12, 24, 36 months are the most popular options), and your employees simply select a gift card value (in increments of £10) to spend in-store or online.

They can take their pick from smartphones, basic entry level Netbooks, games consoles and iPads all the way up to top of the range touch-screen desktops, as well as the latest software products.

Valuable to you

  • We manage the entire scheme for you
  • You can set a maximum spending limit for your employees
  • It can help improve your employees’ computer literacy
  • You can choose third party funding, which we’ll set up for you, with the interest costs paid by your employees

Valuable to your employees

  • They can spread the cost of any big ticket items
  • There are no credit checks
  • It’s a cheaper way of spreading the cost than a personal loan
  • They’ll get their hands on the latest technology

Important note: From a tax perspective employees are allowed to borrow up to £10,000 tax-free from their employer in a single tax year. Additional borrowing over the £10,000 threshold will be taxable. Additional loans may include travel loans, rental loans and study loans.

Please note: The Technology gift card can only be used with Currys PC World.