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Valuable all round

With mobile phones and smartphones such an essential part of everyday life, it’s well worth offering a scheme that gives your employees the chance to own the latest one in an affordable way.

Valuable to you

  • You’ll save Employer’s NI (usually 13.8%) on the total salary sacrifice value
  • You can either fund the scheme yourself or we can arrange third party funding for you, with the interest costs passed to your employees
  • You can choose which of the latest mobile phones you’d like to offer
  • We manage the whole scheme for you – from set-up to delivery

Valuable to your employees

  • They can have their pick of the latest mobile phones
  • They’ll save money through reduced tax and NI (usually 32% for Basic rate taxpayers and 42% for Higher rate taxpayers)
  • There are no complicated tariffs to sign up for
  • They get competitive accidental damage insurance
  • There are no credit checks
  • They can spread the cost over 24 months