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Valuable all round

Fit, healthy, and motivated employees are key to your success. Poor health in the workplace will not only affect your employees’ ability to do their job, but will also affect your business productivity and effectiveness.

Health and wellbeing is all about supporting your employees through the day-to-day challenges we all face at one time or another.

Valuable to you

  • Shows your employees you’re committed to their health
  • Helps improve morale and motivation in your employees
  • Your staff will be absent less! The scheme will help lower sickness rates and absences due to stress (which also lowers the pressure on employees who have to cover absent co-workers)
  • Helps protect you against litigation/compensation claims

Valuable to your employees

  • Prevents work-related stress
  • Helps employees cope with debt, stress and traumatic life events
  • Improves their ability to do their job
  • Supports positive relationships with managers and colleagues
  • Provides them with the skills to cope more effectively at work