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Valuable all round

Our computer scheme is a popular, simple and, most importantly for you, cost neutral (free to run) benefit. It’s a ‘benefit-in-kind’ programme, which means your employees have the chance to get the computer they want (along with computer products like broadband routers, printers and monitors) in an affordable way, and make a saving on their tax and NI. You’ll be saving too, through your reduced Employer’s NI contributions.

Your employees can take their pick from basic entry level Netbooks, gaming consoles and iPads all the way up to top of the range touch-screen desktops as well as the latest software products. They’ll even get full 3-year manufacturing warranty support packages.

Valuable to you

  • There’s no cost to you for running the scheme
  • You’ll save over 5%* of the total salary sacrifice value through reduced NI contributions
  • We manage the entire scheme for you – from set up and employee enrolments to delivery of equipment
  • You can set a maximum spending limit for your employees
  • You can choose third party funding, which we’ll set up for you, with the interest costs paid by your employees
  • It can help improve your employees’ computer literacy

Valuable to your employees

  • They’ll save money through reduced tax and NI (usually 20% for Basic rate taxpayers and 18% for Higher rate taxpayers)
  • They can spread the cost over up to 3 years
  • There are no credit checks
  • It’s a cheaper way of spreading the cost than a personal loan
  • They’ll get the latest technology and a 2- or 3-year extended manufacturer’s warranty

* Where the scheme is run over 3 years