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Valuable all round

An easy, affordable way for your employees to get a new car, and a low maintenance way for you to offer a popular benefit and save money, ours is a car scheme with a difference.

Instead of hiring through you (leaving you with the admin headache and initial costs) your employees hire their car direct through us, and we take care of everything.

As a salary sacrifice scheme, your employees simply give up part of their salary each pay cycle to cover the cost of their car. And as they pay through their gross, or pre-tax pay, they’ll save between 32% and 42% through lower tax and National Insurance (NI) contributions, while you’ll make significant savings on your own NI.

They can choose from over 5,000 car makes, models and specifications. All the running and maintenance costs are included, and we pass on bulk buy discounts so they’ll get a great deal. What’s more, they don’t need to pay a deposit, there are no credit checks and we even include insurance.

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Please note: Our cars are provided by Fleet Hire (trading as Car Salary Exchange).

Valuable to you

  • With each employee, you can save Employer’s NI contributions (usually 13.8%)
  • Once your employee joins, we’ll take over so there’s minimal admin
  • We look after their car so it won’t fall to you
  • We also provide the insurance
  • If they leave, we’ll take back the car so there's no risk for you
  • The scheme supports your green initiatives by encouraging low CO2 cars

Valuable to your employees

  • They can choose from over 5,000 car makes, models and specs
  • The cost includes running, servicing, maintenance and replacement tyres
  • It also covers insurance and road tax
  • It’s low risk, so if the worst happens they can return the car without a charge
  • They get a better price thanks to our bulk-buy discounts
  • There’s no credit check, upfront deposit or set up fees
  • Because it’s salary sacrifice, they’ll save money through reduced tax and NI (usually 32% for Basic rate taxpayers and 42% for Higher rate taxpayers)