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Valuable all round

The rising cost of travelling is a problem that’s not going to go away for your employees, so offering them a cheaper way to park their car is an easy way for you to help lighten the load – and make them feel valued. With our salary sacrifice car parking scheme, not only are you giving your employees more choice in how they travel to work and pay for it, you’re also saving yourself money on your own costs.

Valuable to you

  • You can save Employer’s NI contributions (usually 13.8%) on the cost of every permit you buy
  • You’re free to choose your own car parks for your employees
  • You could potentially negotiate discounted rates direct through your chosen car parks

Valuable to your employees

  • They can cut the cost of expensive parking
  • They’ll save money through reduced tax and NI (usually 32% for Basic rate taxpayers and 42% for Higher rate taxpayers)
  • They can spread the cost over 12 months